Hermes Birkin 35 Flag Bag Tan Orange Toile Limited Edition

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Bag: Hermes Birkin Flag Bag - Limited Edition
Size: 35cm
Color: Tan Barenia (swift leather), Orange Toile
Material: Swift Leather, Toile
Hardware: Permabrass
Measures: 35x28x18cm (14"x11"x7")
Condition: Pristine
Includes: Lock, Keys, Clochette, Sleeper, and Box

The Flag Birkin

Also coming out in 2013, the Flag Birkin exhibits the extraordinary qualities of Hermès canvas. Hermès has been using their canvas since the beginning of the 20th century, all the while praised for its quality, lightness, and durability. The Flag Birkin takes its inspiration from the great transatlantic ocean liners of the past, incorporating a look that resembles the maritime tags in unique colors that passengers would attach to their luggage. The central stripe pays homage to these tags and offers a reminder of these epic voyages." []