Hermes Quelle Idole Kelly Doll Bag L3 Rose Pourpre Swift Gold Hardware

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Perfect for both the seasoned Hermes collector and the Hermes collector-in-training, this Kelly Doll bag is a whimsical play on the sophistication we know and love from Hermes. Specifically designed for the SOGO department store opening in Hong Kong, this bag is one of the rarest items ever produced by Hermes. As well as being done in incredibly rare and sought after 5P Bubblegum Pink Swift Leather, this shrunken down Kelly bag is adorned with a smiling face and leather arms and feet, giving it the appearance of a doll.

Color: L3 Rose Pourpre
Height: 5"
Width: 6"
Depth: 3"
Primary Material: Swift Leather
Condition: Pristine